This series is a photographic research on the textures, contrasts and beauty that emanate from those huge mass of ice within the icelandic raw landscape. THE GLACIERS - JÖKLAR. 
Hence I choose black and white to enhance the mesmerizing textures of the ice and the crevasses of these glaciers.
I am fascinated by icelandic glaciers and the forces that drive them. I am always amazed when i observed them, and they always appear differently depending on the weather conditions and the seasons. The icelandic harsh and unpredictable weather give a really special atmosphere to the landscape and those ice masses falling from the mountains.
Every day is different, and you will never see the same contrasts and cloud formations in a place from one day to another. And I am able to say that, since I am working here in Iceland next to Breiðamerkurjökull and every day I see a new picture of this mighty glacier.
Small glacier meeting the clouds - South of Vatnajökull
Smoothed rocks appearing in front of a small receding glacier - South of Vatnajökull
Brókarjökull is a very steepy glacier and he is located at the end of a very deep valley (Kálfafellsdalur 15km long). The calving of this glacier happen particulary often due to the steepness, and 5 to 6km away from the glacier you could hear the falling ice resonating throught all the valley in a the thunder like sound, quite an amazing experience
Small glacier lake in front of Brókarjökull
Glacier lake with floating icebergs in front of Hoffellsjökull - Vatnajökull
Hvannadalshnjúkur (Iceland highest peak 2110m)  - Öræfajökull
Mórsajökull on the left, Skálafellsjökull on the right and Vatnajökull in the back
Jökulsárlón and Öræfaljökull in the back
Above Skálafellsjökull, contemplating...
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